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Who Are We

Otago based (Dunedin), Habitat Restorations Aotearoa is a small company doing big things - reviving biodiversity, improving water quality, restoring ecological function and healthy habitats.

We are contractors driven by results, holistic in our approach and have a deep understanding of native plants, people and land. Our creativity and eye for detail will unlock the true environmental potential of your land, while seamlessly supporting your economic, cultural and social values. 

We have specialist knowledge, expertise and a passion for native ecosystems. Our vision, dedication and experience help ensure New Zealand is a place we can all call home, co-exist and be proud of. 

Land use has undergone significant changes in New Zealand and we believe it’s time to re-think some of the ways we go about things.

Glen Riley

Glen is a practically minded, solutions focused conservationist with extensive restoration experience. Being brought up alongside the Kakanui River and Pacific Ocean in North Otago in an organic horticulture environment, Glen has long standing connections with the land, wildlife and the rural sector. Glen understands the delicate relationships between people, the economy and the environment and has been instrumental in creating and delivering restoration programmes and outcomes to high profile Otago reserves ‘Penguin Place’ and ‘Te Nohoaka o Tukiauau Sinclair Wetlands’, as well as playing roles in other conservation sites around Aotearoa.

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Chantal Whitby

Chantal is a landscape architect, with a background in environmental management, who specialises in landscape design and landscape assessment. She has experience working on a range of projects at a variety of scales across both the private and public sectors, and enjoys applying her environmental knowledge to all aspects of her landscape architecture work. Chantal has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours), as well as a Master of Science in Environmental Management (Distinction), and is a registered member of the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects.

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Resourcing riparian planting, revegetation and ecological enhancement projects on your own can be tricky, fortunately there are numerous agencies and businesses out there willing to chip in – let us take the stress out of the paperwork, get in touch with us today.


Ever wondered what else you could do with your property? We’ve come up with some cunning plans for several sites and may be able to help direct you too. Perhaps you’re keen to join the riparian planting buzz, the One Billion Trees movement, improve water quality in your catchment or tap into other potential tourism or educational opportunities you haven’t considered.

Diversifying might just help your operation become more profitable, sustainable or even lead you in new directions!

From consulting to contracting we’d love to help you get the most from your land, get in touch with Habitat Restorations Aotearoa today!