Kauri Trees

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The Kauri Trees project is located in Taieri Beach, Otago. The land is 28 hectares, of which 8 hectares is virgin indigenous forest in two gullies, and 20 hectares of pasture. The pasture will be transformed into New Zealand’s southern-most Kauri forest, and the South Island’s largest area of Kauri. 

Running over several years, Habitat Restorations Aotearoa will first plant 19,000 indigenous varieties local to the area, sourced from Ribbonwood Nurseries in Dunedin. These nurse trees will provide protection for the Kauri trees, which are currently being propagated at Ribbonwood Nurseries. When the nurse trees are established at the site, and the Kauri trees have grown sufficiently, 20,000 Kauri trees will be contour planted to create a natural looking Kauri forest.

Over time as the Kauri grow, they will dominate the former pasture area, crowding out most of the nurse trees (which will be largely sacrificial). When the Kauri mature, their seeds will spread seamlessly through the existing indigenous forest areas. The existing indigenous forest supports native fauna, and this will be enhanced with the expansion of the forest into the pasture.

Habitat Restorations Aotearoa have implemented feral pest control. This is an important component of the project, to create a sustainable environment for both the flora and fauna.

3.6 km of walking track has been planned through the Kauri forest. The walking track will provide a unique experience for visitors, as well as access to maintain the forest during its establishment.