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Habitat Restorations Aotearoa is contributing to the Predator Free New Zealand 2050 vision and has been selected as a ‘host’ for the Predator Free Apprenticeship programme. The aim of this initiative is to provide the sector with trained specialists to assist in the efforts to achieve a pest free Aoteroa. HRA provides our apprentice with all the tools, techniques, projects, experience and qualifications to effectively control predator species, along with fostering a passion for the native habitats we are protecting. With more then 70% of our bird, fish and reptiles being endangered, eradication of introduced predators gives our special, tāonga species the best chance to flourish alongside us again in a lifetime.

In our habitat restoration strategies, predator control plays an important part in ensuring habitats can function again as as thriving eco-systems. We create safe spaces for our fauna to return to after restoration plantings or within protected areas and have a number of projects protected by our traplines. We record data using TrapNZ which enables clients to track progress.